Share Files Through OneDrive

OneDrive provides you with a variety of options for sharing files. The most basic is to share through a link.

Selecting this option allows anyone with the link to view or edit your file. You can also choose to add a message and specify editing permissions. Lastly, you can set an expiration date or make the file private (available only in the Enterprise Plan). You can also create a password-protected link.

How to share a file or folder

All files stored on OneDrive are private until you decide to share them. You can choose to share a single file or an entire folder with specific individuals or to create a link that anyone can access.

Once you select the option to share, a window will appear. If you selected Specific People, enter the email address or name of the individual(s) with whom you would like to share the file in the field provided. Once you are done, click Send.

If you chose Anyone with the link can edit, a new option will appear that allows anyone who receives the link to view and edit the shared file. You will also have the option to set an expiration date. If you do so, the link will become invalid after the specified date. Upon sending, the recipients will receive an email with a link to the shared file or folder. If they do not have a OneDrive account, they will be prompted to sign-in or create an account before they can access the file.

How to share a file with specific people

When using the shareable link method of sharing it is important to consider that files can be forwarded and published anywhere without your consent or knowledge. To prevent this, use the least level of access/permission that is needed to do your work. This can be done by clicking the options at the bottom of the share screen to select the individual with whom you want to share.

Depending on the option selected you may be given the ability to limit the users editing permissions to Can edit or Can view, and/or to block download capability. You may also choose to set an expiration date, set a password (available with the premium plan), or both.

Upon selecting the individuals you wish to share with click Send. They will receive an email notification containing a direct link to the file. You can add a custom message if desired. The file will also be available in the Shared with me section of their OneDrive.

How to share a file with a group

When you share files or folders with a group of people they can view, comment and edit the files as well. This way they can easily collaborate with each other. Simply click on the icon with three dots (ellipsis) on a file or folder in List view to access the sharing options.

Choose the option to Share with Specific people and enter an email address, name or a group of people. You can also add a message for your collaborators to let them know what they have access to.

If you choose to Share with People in a group or Public, your collaborators will need to sign into their UConn Microsoft365 account to access the file(s). You can also set a date for when you want to stop sharing.

You can also manage access to a shared file or folder at any time. This can be done within the same dialogue box where you originally shared it.

How to share a file with everyone in your organization

If you’re sharing with external users, you may want to set up a verification process. This reduces the chance that the link gets sent to a spam or junk email folder and provides security that only the person you share with can view your files.

Click the file or folder you want to share and select the “Share” button. In the “Send link” pop-up, choose either to change the access and permissions settings (anyone with the link can edit) or to include a message.

If you choose the latter, make sure to check the Allow editing box. Otherwise, the people you share with will only be able to view the item and cannot modify it or copy it. If you’re using OneDrive through a work or school account, the account admin may restrict these options. If so, you’ll need to contact them to change your permissions.

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